Plus Three Continues to Build National Support for American Latino Museum

The Hispanic-owned company proudly highlights its work promoting the stories and contributions of American Latinos as Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close

Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino The Latino List Insider Game LULAC

WASHINGTON, DC – Plus Three, a leader in social media and technology for nonprofit and political organizations, marks the conclusion of Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting their continuing partnership with and services for the Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino (FRIENDS).

FRIENDS seeks to create a museum in our nation’s capital dedicated to the history, culture, and contributions of Latino leaders, pioneers and communities to the American fabric. Plus Three began its work with the Congressionally mandated National Museum of the American Latino Commission, which presented its Congressional Report in May of this year, and within a few months built national support for the museum to 50,000 people. Now, under the banner of the FRIENDS, Plus Three has designed and helped launch and the organization is now on the verge of surpassing 200,000 supporters—already more than any of the existing Smithsonian museums.

“At Plus Three we are privileged to work with so many virtuous non-profit organizations and important political causes, and this Hispanic Heritage Month we are especially proud of our work with the Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino,” said Juan Proaño, president and co-founder of Plus Three. “With our help, the effort to build a Latino museum in Washington, DC has found thousands of supporters across the country. The museum will one day inspire a new generation of Latino leaders, and we are delighted to take part in the effort to build it.”

Plus Three has also recently launched the website of the HBO special The Latino List, which tells the American Latino story through the eyes of some our nation’s most celebrated Latino icons, elected officials and celebrities. This month also saw the launch of a project for the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) to raise awareness of its Insider Game documentary project on diversity in the highest echelons of corporate America. Finally, Plus Three is proud to continue its work to enhance the online presence and outreach of the oldest Latino civil rights organization in the nation, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). With over 700 chapters in the U.S., Plus Three is working to ensure that LULAC has the capabilities to promote its public policy priorities and mobilize its members.

These are just a few among a host of examples of Plus Three’s capabilities. To learn more, visit Plus Three’s website at, or contact Alice Lincoln at (866) 945-4889 ext. 707.