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Plus Three Announces Partnership with PetitionThem

Posted on 12/19/2005 @ 10:07 AM

Strategic Marketing and Technology Company for Political and Non-Profit Organizations Expands Reach to Activists

Plus Three LP, ("Plus Three" or the "Company"), a strategic marketing and technology company serving major U.S. political organizations and non-profit institutions, today announced a strategic partnership with a leading provider of online petitions, With this partnership, Plus Three gains access to PetitionThem's registered database of proven activists and grassroots political participants enabling Plus Three to enhance services to its stable of political, non-profit and advocacy clients. Additionally, UK-based PetitionThem, as the fourth largest online petition company in the world, gives Plus Three the ability to offer its core services to a much wider array of global geo-political, economic and cultural issue participants. For PetitionThem the partnership provides immediate access to the U.S. market bringing its leading petition services to local activists.

"Plus Three has helped clients break boundaries and use the Internet and related technologies to more effectively communicate with their constituencies," said Juan Proaño, Plus Three's president. "However, we know that for Plus Three and our customers to continue to be successful, we must continue to add services and solutions that enable organizations to communicate directly with their constituent base using a variety of methods to guarantee participation. Online petitions used to primarily focus on issues relating to the environment, but recently those issues have taken a backseat to political battles reflecting the polarized state of our nation. We are excited to announce this partnership with PetitionThem as it adds a service to our offerings that immediately benefits our customers."

Plus Three benefits with instant credibility and recognition gained from associating with one of the top petitioning sites in the world. Through PetitionThem, more than one million people have accessed the service to sign petitions and participate in local and national issues. This database helps Plus Three customers promote social change and effective policy change by leveraging the enthusiasm and voice of these activists. In addition, Plus Three gains access to an additional donor base for their clients that has indicated a willingness to participate in the political process and give money to causes. Following PetitionThem's practice of diligently protecting its members' information, Plus Three will only use that information when it has received expressed permission from a PetitionThem member.

"In the United Kingdom, PetitionThem has been tremendously successful at engaging and supporting people who are interested in social issues," said Roger Rowett, co-founder of "For our members to participate in the increasingly global community it is important for us to have access to issues and organizations in the United States. We will continue to seek partners like Plus Three that open new markets to us and increase the effectiveness of our site."

About PetitionThem has been designed to take advantage of the potential world wide audience of the Internet. Usually, people who wanted to ask others to 'sign up' to a cause or campaign had to stand on street corners, or in shopping precincts. If the group had plenty of resources they could use traditional forms of media advertising such as newspapers, TV, or billboards. The limitations of standing on a street corner are obvious. One of the limitations of using other forms of media, apart from the cost, is that you can only promote your cause, you cannot actually get people to sign your petition. offers all the advantages, with none of the drawbacks. It enables any person or group to advertise their cause in a responsible way, and allows people to sign the petition on line. The people who created simply wish to offer this service in order that individuals can have a real voice. They are excited by the potential has, and believe that the site can become a real vehicle for public advocacy.

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Plus Three Enters Content Publication with Acquisition of Primedia Internet Resource Technology Group

Posted on 12/12/2005 @ 05:12 PM

Acquired Technologies Used to Publish More Than 300 Online Magazines

Plus Three LP, ("Plus Three"), a strategic marketing and technology company serving major U.S. political organizations and non-profit institutions, today announced its expansion into the publishing industry with the acquisition of the assets of Primedia Internet Resource and Technology Group ("PIRT"), a division of PRIMEDIA Inc. The acquisition includes the group's experienced leadership team, and the technologies used to manage more than 300 online publications. Additionally, PIRT executive Len Porcano joins Plus Three as Vice President of Technology, bringing his expertise in online content publishing and business operations.

With the acquisition, Plus Three becomes an immediate leader in online publishing technology. Included in the technology assets acquired are: Krang, the leading Open Source publishing tool; a Membership/Subscription tool; a centralized paid content platform; and PIRT ShuzaI, a tool for quick building of user data collection forms by web editors. Plus Three will fold the PIRT technology directly into ARCOS™, the company's successful and widely deployed constituent management platform.

"This is a major strategic advancement for Plus Three as we seek to expand on our leadership in online constituent communications," said Juan Proaño, president, Plus Three. "Over the past several years, we've leveraged our technology and marketing knowledge to virtually reinvent Web-based donor campaigns and constituency management with our work for organizations like the Democratic National Committee and the Kerry for President Campaign. With the acquisition of PIRT, we will extend our marketing knowledge into another high growth online category — publishing."


The ARCOS software platform is built using Open Source, the world's most flexible and scalable software. Using Open Source provides three key differentiators that the company's clients value above all else — reliability, scalability and security. Open Source is also free from onerous licensing fees, enabling ARCOS users to constantly maximize the value of their investment while substantially reducing the cost of every donation. Built on this industry-leading open source platform is a complete suite of solutions that allow organizations to more effectively communicate with their constituents. The ARCOS platform is easy to integrate into legacy systems providing complete and reliable access to information and applications located on those systems. In addition, the Open Source platform enables unparalleled customization and enhancement.

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Plus Three President Named Among Top 100 Hispanic Entrepreneurs in 2005

Posted on 12/05/2005 @ 05:20 PM

Juan Proaño Recognized by Hispanic Trends Magazine For His Company's Groundbreaking Fundraising and Constituency Management Work

Plus Three LP, ("Plus Three" or the "Company"), a strategic marketing and technology company serving major U.S. political organizations and non-profit institutions, today announced that Co-founder and President Juan Proaño of Plus Three was named among the top 100 Hispanic entrepreneurs in the United States by Hispanic Trends Magazine. As president of Plus Three, Juan has improved the way progressive organizations build constituent groups and fundraise by giving them immediate access to the widest array of contributors. Over the last 10 years he has developed a level of expertise in the areas of product development, strategic marketing and software integration that have produced industry leading technologies and best practices in the fields of database marketing, email delivery technologies and fundraising efforts. Most recently Plus Three's fundraising tools have helped non profit organizations like the NAACP raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims.

"It is an honor to be considered one of the top Hispanic Entrepreneurs in the United States," said Proaño. "I am proud to be among the list of successful professionals who have driven positive change in Hispanic communities and in the business world, but prouder still of the hard work and dedication exhibited by every member of the Plus Three team who is committed to the success of this company."

Plus Three's extensive work with customers like the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, John Kerry for President, NAACP and the AFL-CIO has established the company as experts in online fundraising, constituency management and the political landscape. The company gained national attention last summer and fall for their breakthrough work building the Democrat's database of registered voters, Demzilla, and providing the technology that enabled the Democrats to dominate the Republicans in online fundraising.

Today, Plus Three is expanding into the online publishing industry with the acquisition of Primedia Internet Resource and Technology Group ("PIRT"), a division of Primedia Inc. With the acquisition of PIRT, Plus Three has become an immediate leader in online publishing technology.

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Plus Three Strengthens Executive Team With New COO and Vice President of Technology

Posted on 11/07/2005 @ 10:30 AM

Thomas Burke and Len Porcano Will Guide Company Through Next Growth Phase

Plus Three LP, ("Plus Three" or the "Company"), a strategic marketing and technology company serving major U.S. political organizations and non-profit institutions, today announced that Thomas Burke has joined the company as COO and Len Porcano as VP of Technology. The additions to the executive team come as Plus Three expands its customer base and product feature set. Both additions are effective immediately with Thomas joining the company in Plus Three's Washington D.C. offices and Len in the company's New York location.

"Thomas' deep political roots and technology background, and Len's expertise in online content publishing and business operations, are great assets for Plus Three that enable us to expand our customer base while enhancing the services and solutions current customers rely on," said Juan Proaño, president and co-founder of Plus Three. "The next six months promise to be an exciting time for Plus Three and the additions of Thomas and Len are instrumental to the next growth phase of our company."

Thomas Burke has been building technology solutions for twenty-five years. His early work in database applications included modeling and chemical weapon simulations for the US Air Force and database applications at the Federal Integrated Quality Control (FIQC) system. Burke worked on the 92 Clinton campaign, and subsequently accepted a position at the Clinton White House doing targeted marketing using Census and commercial data.

After leaving the White House, Burke spent ten years in the private sector, first as co-founder of a leading regional ISP in Baltimore/Washington, then as lead developer for Bigfoot Interactive, now part of Alliance Data Systems. In 2001, Burke returned to politics as the principle architect of the Democratic Party's Datamart. Burke and his team spearheaded the DNC's change from high dollar fundraising to low-dollar fundraising, led by online initiatives.

Prior to joining Plus Three, Len Porcano spent a combined six years at and Primedia before and after the merger between the two companies. At About, Porcano architected one of the largest migrations from Microsoft NT/IIS to an open source platform. This reduced the hardware footprint by approximately 60 percent while increasing capacity more than 300 percent, a key factor in About's continued growth at a critical time in its history. Following the merger, Porcano was made VP of Development at the newly formed PIRT group. While there, he was instrumental in executing PIRT's goal of reducing Primedia costs and consolidating most of Primedia's web properties on a single technology platform.

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Plus Three Strengthens United Federation of Teachers' Online Member Services

Posted on 06/24/2005 @ 10:34 AM

Leading Provider of Services to Large Member Organizations Helps Union Engage Member Base

Plus Three, LP ("Plus Three" or the "Company"), a strategic marketing and technology company serving major U.S. political organizations and non-profit institutions, today announced it has been selected by the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) to service, unite, expand and mobilize its 160,000-member base. Supporting the UFT's continued commitment to provide top services to its members and implement a communications platform that is fully integrated with the organization's pre-existing technology, the updated portal improves online communications and enhances the services and information accessible to members.

The addition of the UFT — the largest union local in the world — strengthens Plus Three's strong penetration in the union arena; the company's client roster also includes the AFL-CIO, California Labor Federation and the United Farm Workers. The company is already the leading provider of technology solutions for political fundraising.

"It is our continued goal to support our members with excellent services and timely information," said Bill Stamatis, UFT Web content director. "The redesign of our site improves communications with our members, and with the parents of the children our members serve. We selected Plus Three after a careful examination determined it had the technical know-how we needed to successfully integrate new features with our IBM iSeries and tailor it all for our members' needs."

Members of the UFT who visit the portal will experience a seamless transition to the new site that is more secure and convenient, and easy to use. Features and benefits include:

  • Enhanced Member Services — Members can request information, submit member forms, enroll in the union, manage health care benefits and register for courses via the UFT portal, enhancing the value of the site for members. In addition, members experience greater control of their personal data for increased security.
  • Web Publishing — A new Content Management System (CMS) enables the UFT to securely and remotely publish content to its site with easy-to-use workflow previewing and vetting controls. The CMS increases the value of the UFT site to its members by allowing timely, topical information to be quickly disseminated, and by targeting content to specific member groups.
  • Course Registration — The new course registration system allows members to register for courses online using secure credit card processing. The system provides real-time information about available seats and sections, allowing the UFT to share the most up-to-date information with its members. The new system is fully integrated with the UFT's existing member management system.
  • Online Communications — A modern email communication system allows UFT staff to deliver specific and accurate information to targeted groups, while easing the burden of managing lists of email addresses. Fully integrated with the website and the UFT's existing systems, the new system connects the union to its members using the most cost effective and responsive tools.

"Maintaining relationships with members is as critical for unions as it is for political organizations and candidates," said Juan Proaño, president and co-founder of Plus Three. "The company's unparalleled expertise in creating strategic, member-focused Web sites ensures that our customers are able to effectively build and support large memberships with online tools. Our innovative platform and comprehensive feature-set ensures that our customers are providing the best possible services to their members and recreating the networking value of a one-on-one relationship in an online community."

Plus Three is the leading provider of online marketing and fundraising services to large member organizations such as advocacy, non-profit, unions and political groups. Since its inception, the Company has been tapped by leading Democratic organizations and candidates to support their election efforts with highly targeted online campaigns. Online fundraising took on added significance during the recent Democratic Party primary, as candidates capitalized on the medium to build widespread communities and attract donations. Evidence of the increasing vitality and importance of the Web as a campaign fundraising tool, Plus Three raised over $185 million online through systems it developed since the start of 2004 in support of progressive campaigns and causes, and helped the DNC match the RNC for the first time ever.

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