BBYO Passport

BBYO Passport

Our Organization

BBYO Passport represents BBYO's groundbreaking initiative for Jewish travel and service learning experiences. Organized in partnership with Authentic Israel, a leading educational travel provider, BBYO Passport combines the best of informal education and travel expertise.

BBYO is the leading worldwide, pluralistic Jewish youth movement currently spanning 33 countries and engaging more than 40,000 teens. For over ninety years, BBYO has been providing opportunities for Jewish youth to develop their leadership potential and a positive Jewish identity.

Authentic Israel is a leading organizer of Jewish travel experiences for youth, families and adults. At the heart of Authentic Israel is a team of operational professionals and educators who are deeply committed to sharing their love for Israel and informal Jewish educational experiences.

Our Story

This summer we celebrate 60 years of providing high quality summer experiences in Israel for Jewish teens. Travel to Israel is a dream shared with our ancestors for thousands of years, and it is a dream fulfilled anew each summer on BBYO Passport.

In 1956, we welcomed our first group of 19 teens who came together from across North America to travel to Israel with us. The trans-continental flight took 33 hours from New York City with a stop to refuel in Gander, Newfoundland, and then again in London, England and then again in Rome, Italy before finally arriving to Israel. It was truly a journey!

Back then Jerusalem was still a divided city, and the Western Wall as well as the Old City in general were off limits. The Golan Heights belonged to Syria, and the Sinai Peninsula belonged to Israel. The Jewish State of Israel was only eight years old, and our teens traveled the land and contributed to the development of the Jewish Homeland. During the program they even met David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir!

Today, Israel has developed into a thriving democracy, full of culture and a modern, vibrant Jewish society. These days, our teens travel freely throughout all corners of Israel and proudly walk in the footsteps of three generations of predecessors.

Be a Part of a Tradition Spanning Three Generations

We often hear from parents who took part in past BBYO Israel trips as teens. Many are excited to tell us that they have decided to share the same BBYO experience in Israel with their own children. We were especially honored during the summer of 2015 to welcome the grandson of an alumnus from the original 1956 trip in Israel!

These days, BBYO Passport offers a large selection of experiences in Israel and around the world. So much has changed since that very first trip, but the spirit of our experiences remain the same.

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