Re:Think Events

Fundraising during an event can be asking for trouble. There’s nothing worse than a bad case of programmus interruptus: stopping the flow to ask for dough can result in dropped viewers and unsubscribers. You’ve got to know when to ask — and how.

Plus Three has perfected the art of the Event Ask. Our fundraising events—live, virtual, or hybrid—have raised millions of dollars for our clients.

  • And we do it all with the One-Click Approach.

What We Do

We can help you realize your event vision, no matter the constraints, no matter the logistics. We offer full-scale virtual and hybrid event production. Need breakout rooms for meetings? Want to seamlessly mix live and pre-recorded video? Need to host a live chat Q&A? Easy. If you dream it, we’ll make it happen.

Arm holding a tablet

Here's What You Get

  • Virtual, Hybrid, & Live Event Production
  • Branded Event Websites and Micro-sites
  • Personalized pledge forms populated with past giving history
  • Multi-Platform Streaming, High-quality reliable audio and video
  • Remote, In-Studio, and On-site Capablities
  • Fundraising and Pre-Recorded Events
  • Event Planning & Technical Production
  • Advance & Technical Support for Speakers
  • Event Technology Platform
  • Sophisticated Technical Production
YWCA A Conversation with Georgia's Women: Virtual Town Hall

Virtual Events

Plus Three has virtual event production down to a science. Well, it is science. As scientists (not really), we’ve reached more than 500,000 people and raised over $2 million using our virtual events platform. This is what advocacy looks like now. It looks like high-quality, reliable video and audio. It looks like sharp graphics, lower-thirds, and gorgeous video design. It looks like program and script writing, editing, and planning. It looks like voiceovers, technical support—you name it. If you’re not there yet, we’ll get you there.

Hon. Keith Ellison with Lawyers Committee Award

Hybrid Events

Schedules too complicated to pull off a live virtual event? Not a problem. Plus Three can help you produce a hybrid event in which prerecorded and live video are mixed seamlessly. We’ll do it all from the ground up: straighten out all the messy logistics to block out a beautiful program that runs real smooth.

LULAC Presidential Town Hall

Live Events

Remember live events? We’ve hosted Presidential Town Halls featuring some of the country’s most prominent leaders — Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, and Beto O’Rourke, to name a few. When you’re ready, we can organize a live event that will go off without a hitch, with all necessary contingencies.

Jewish Miami Event with Rt. Hon. Tony Blair

Fundraising Events

Plus Three’s one click approach for meetings and fundraising has been developed with one purpose in mind: to make it easier for your top donors to support your cause.

The Events Mothership

LULAC Event Custom Website

Custom Event Websites

We build websites. It’s what we do. And we’re very good at it. We’re so good, in fact, that for each event you host, we’ll build you a website, completely tailored to your event’s needs, specifications, and personality.

Plus Three Event Production Studio

Top Flight Production

The bespoke Plus Three event production starts early and ends late. We can handle every aspect of event management from beginning to end. We plan, we strategize, we’re in-studio, remote, or on-site, with truly excellent capabilities; we work with speakers as coaches or cheerleaders or schedulers (or all three). In short, we make your event the best event you’ve ever had — and we’ll do it again and again.

Tablet displaying a pledge form

Event Registration

Using Plus Three’s platform to promote virtual events, our clients have engaged more than 500,000 people and raised over $4 million dollars online.

Our clients have moved quickly towards the use of technology to engage their members, promote direct advocacy, and engage their donors in new and innovative ways.

Pledge System

Plus Three has developed a pledge system that allows our clients to solicit donors in real-time during events.

Using previous giving history, Plus Three can generate unique pledge forms that ensure solicitations are made in a way that increases their gift over time.

Using email and SMS, donors receive a link to their personalized pledge form. Donors are able to bypass entering contact information and move right to making their donation online.

YWCA: Our systems are failing people of color

Video Production and Editing

Plus Three produces and edits videos with a focus on advocacy, fundraising, and special events.

Our approach to developing content into meaningful and impactful stories, for online and social platforms, help advance the mission of our clients.

Be it short or long format, Plus Three can work with you to deliver an impactful message to the widest possible audience online.

Let's talk details. Today's tech landscape requires total flexibility.

Plus Three Hosted Events

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the successful events we’ve produced recently. You won’t find more elegant and reliable production anywhere else.