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Powerful CRM for Nonprofits

Technology should be affordable, easy, and accessible. The tools you use shouldn’t need instruction manuals the size of the Gutenberg Bible — they should be intuitive, no training wheels required. They should exist with one goal in mind: to make your life easier.

Allow us to introduce ARCOS, our elegant donor management system. ARCOS puts at your fingertips all the data you need to make smart decisions, to stay in touch with your supporters, to make every online interaction mean something.

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Look no further: ARCOS does it all. We’ve got a philosophy taped above our door: don’t let tech get between a nonprofit and their good work.

Do It Yourself – With Ease

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Manage Content the Way You See Fit

ARCOS was built to allow anyone in your organization to post or update content quickly so that your website stays up-to-date with compelling content—a must in today's dynamic media environment. You don’t want to get caught sleeping.

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Keep Tabs on your Constituents

Effective online communications with your members demands discipline in today’s crowded media space. Every organization is competing for the limited attention of their base as it becomes more and more difficult to be heard above the fray. ARCOS helps you make every interaction count through its extensive tracking and targeting capabilities.

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

ARCOS has the most sophisticated segmentation tool in the industry. Robust yet intuitive, our segmentation is done in real-time based on user-defined data, transactions, and metadata collected from interactions online like email, action pages, contribution pages, and even offline data imported into ARCOS. We’ve made it so that as a user’s profile changes, that user can be added or removed from your segments automatically, ensuring that you don’t lose a step when reaching exactly who you want with your messaging.

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Filling Up Your War Chest

Plus Three’s online fundraising system was developed for large national campaigns. Every single transaction is timed to a thousandth of a second. But it’s flexible enough to support the unique needs of the smallest, most grassroots nonprofit organizations.

Payment Processing

Maximum security and flexibility when processing online payments for contributions, events, pledge payments, community fundraising, and anything else you can dream up. Advanced reporting for finance and detailed transaction information for every member interaction.

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Personalized Pledges for Personal Giving

Deliver personalized pledge forms via SMS messages and email with dynamic content using ARCOS. By integrating a user’s profile and past engagement activity, we can send unique fundraising appeals and pledge forms prepopulated with relevant information, streamlining the process and obliterating the barriers between your donor and their donation. Our advanced targeting and segmenting tools can communicate with your constituents via email and SMS simultaneously. Make sure they never miss a message from you.

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The Advocacy Toolkit

Our tech platform has a complete suite of online advocacy tools people need to be your cheerleaders, including forms for contacting elected officials, petitions, tell-a-friend and volunteer forms, and Facebook and Twitter integration.


Build dynamic tools using directories for events, volunteering, and user-generated content like blogs or videos. Integrate geotargeting, tags, and calendars to build apps that highlight the critical work of your organization and its members.

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Whip-Smart Email & SMS Services

The ARCOS eMarketing platform is designed to elicit a higher level of engagement with your audience of members, prospects, and donors. Send newsletters, promotions, announcements, or just say hi, to any specific segment of your audience based on their interests or preferences.

SMS in the Pocket

Reach your constituents instantly with our fancy-shmancy, reliable SMS service. Text messages have the highest rate of response of any kind of communication — people are never without their phones. Our SMS tech supports personalization, dynamic content, and dynamic links.

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Reporting & Analytics

Plus Three has a full suite of advanced tools for reporting and analytics. Customize each report to your area of interest and cross reference customer profiles using one of the most advanced reporting user interfaces in the market.

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Event Planning from the Ground Up

Use powerful features such as automated email communications, online registration, and secure payment collection. Our sophisticated contact management and professional event website templates will make sure you’re the best dressed at the ball.

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Mobile-Responsive Designs

Mobile apps are the new normal for online communications. Members appreciate having everything they need in their hands. For any type of function, the right app can transform your interaction with your members, turning members into ambassadors for your organization.