Guilford Child Development

Guilford Child Development

Our Mission

To help young children and families reach their full potential


Striving for Excellence

To strive toward becoming a model agency in order to achieve our mission of helping children and families reach their full potential.

Family Focus

To provide family centered services by honoring cultural and ethnic diversity, by listening to families, and by making agency decisions based on their well being.

Community Partnerships

To contribute to the community through broad-based collaboration, effective public relations, and advocacy for young children.

Staff Development

To provide, at all staff levels, professional development opportunities, equitable compensation and reflective supervision.

Organizational Development

To nurture the organization by a shared vision, focused leadership and sustainable funding.

Continuous Improvement

To enhance Agency decision making, fiscal integrity and quality assurance by creative use of information technology.

Agency Culture

To foster an agency culture that values the contribution of all staff members, establishes effective communications with staff and the public, and builds trust among staff, board, policy councils, and the community we serve.


Founded in 1967, Guilford Child Development (GCD) offers quality comprehensive programs for young children and families in Guilford County in collaboration with numerous community partners.

From our humble beginnings, a unique group of community organizations joined hands to consolidate into a single agency planning efforts to provide quality child care for low income families in Greensboro. The Metropolitan Council of Negro Women, the Greensboro Section of the National Council of Jewish Women, the Greensboro Housing Authority, the Greensboro Community Council, and various community leaders brought together a number of day care centers supported by the United Fund (now United Way of Greater Greensboro) into a single entity – United Day Care Services, Inc. (UDCS). UDCS’ services soon expanded to include High Point and all of Guilford County.

After two name changes through the years, UDCS is now Guilford Child Development (GCD), providing services to over 5000 children and families a year through its five programs: Head Start/Early Head Start, Regional Child Care Resources & Referral, Catering for Kids, Nurse-Family Partnership, and Learning Together Family Literacy Program. GCD currently has over 300 employees and is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Guilford County.

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