Hispanic for a fair judiciary

Our Mission

HFJ has a two-fold mission:

  • HFJ seeks to increase awareness about the historic role the judicial branch has played in impacting Latino community, especially in the realms of civil rights, education, immigration, labor law and affirmative action.
  • HFJ is dedicated to promoting the nomination and confirmation of diverse, qualified judicial nominees who understand our community, how our community is impacted by judicial decisions, and who will support equal justice for all.

Our History

HFJ was first launched in April 2005 as an affiliate of the Alliance for Justice to ensure that Latino voices were heard in the debate around the confirmation of Justices Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts. Through media outreach and panel discussions at various national conferences of Latino organizations, HFJ helped build greater understanding within the Latino community why these nominations would have an impact on the daily lives of the Hispanic population in America.

With the announcement of Justice Souter’s retirement in 2009, HFJ was reconstituted as an independent entity to continue educating the Latino community about importance of the Supreme Court and build support for Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation. In 2010, HFJ used the nomination and confirmation process to replace Justice John Paul Stevens as an opportunity to continue to promote the inclusion of Latino voices in public debate and commentary on the judiciary, and to educate the wider Latino community about the significance of the Supreme Court.

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