Juan Proaño

CEO & Co-Founder

Juan Proaño, CEO & Co-Founder

Juan Proaño is an entrepreneur, technologist, and business leader who is active in civic affairs and progressive politics. Proaño is the co-founder and CEO of Plus Three, a Florida-based Technology company serving nonprofit, advocacy, membership, and political organizations. Founded in 2002, Plus Three has raised more than $500 million online and delivered over one billion emails for its nonprofit clients. Proaño is also the managing partner of Latino Strategies, a marketing and consulting company focused on engaging the U.S. Latino market which he founded in 2017.

In his two decades of entrepreneurship, Proaño has founded and managed three companies in the technology sector and generated more than $400 million in revenue for his businesses, which have operated throughout the U.S. and South America. Early in his career, Proaño moved from Florida to New York to begin his career at a start-up technology company. As one of the first 10 employees, he helped grow the company to 250 employees. 

Juan’s first client at Plus Three was the Democratic National Committee (DNC) where he developed the national voter file (“Demzilla”) under the leadership of Chairman Terry McAuliffe. The National Voter file was the basis for all of the fundraising for the DNC and is credited with generating over $85 Million dollars in online donations (a record for the Democratic Party). By 2004, as a result of the development of the national voter file, for the first time in modern campaign history the Democratic National Committee outraised the Republican National Committee; one of Proaño’s most rewarding professional achievements. Between 2003 and 2005, Plus Three was recognized as one of the top 100 fastest growing Latino owned businesses in the United States.

Proaño has also been recognized for his pioneering work in technology and online fundraising fields. He has been featured in Time for his work with the DNC and has been recognized the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as one of the top 100 Latino CEOS. Active in civic and community affairs, Proaño has worked on four Presidential campaigns and countless local, state, and federal races. In 2015, Proaño was invited to be part of the first class of Latino owned business leaders to participate in the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI), a program designed to help Latino owned businesses to scale to $1 Billion dollars in revenue. Proaño also started a program at Plus Three to develop the capacity of Latino nonprofits across the country by providing $250,000 of in-kind services. He lives in Miami, Florida.