Plus Three Builds Democratic National Committee's 2004 Weapon

Technology Firm Created Database of Over 150 Million Voters, Targeting and Message Delivery Mechanisms

New technology from Plus Three drives the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) "Demzilla," platform. Plus Three, a technology firm based in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C, spent 18 months developing Demzilla, an XML and Internet based database of voters and donors with state-of-the-art marketing and analysis capabilities. Democrats will use the system to improve fundraising and to communicate with voters in their "Project 5104" plan to win back the White House in 2004.

"In Demzilla, Plus Three has delivered the kind of far-reaching, aggressive technology that will allow Democrats to get out the message and the vote in 2004, sending us to victory," said DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe.

Laura Quinn of QRS Newmedia, the consultant who drove the decision for the Democratic party's technology upgrade, stated: "I was extremely happy with our choice of vendors. Plus Three has provided us with a stable, scalable solution, and has been incredibly active in this process of upgrading the Democrats' technology."

"We wanted to deliver a solution that was cost effective and secure, a system that could grow with the DNC, and we did just that," said Juan Proaño, President of Plus Three. "We look forward working with the DNC to ensure that their technology stays ahead of the times."

Plus Three creates standards and systems for organizations that need to transmit, store, update and analyze large data sets. They specialize in building semantic web interfaces to these data sets.