Plus Three Announces Partnership with PetitionThem

Strategic Marketing and Technology Company for Political and Non-Profit Organizations Expands Reach to Activists

Plus Three LP, ("Plus Three" or the "Company"), a strategic marketing and technology company serving major U.S. political organizations and non-profit institutions, today announced a strategic partnership with a leading provider of online petitions, With this partnership, Plus Three gains access to PetitionThem's registered database of proven activists and grassroots political participants enabling Plus Three to enhance services to its stable of political, non-profit and advocacy clients. Additionally, UK-based PetitionThem, as the fourth largest online petition company in the world, gives Plus Three the ability to offer its core services to a much wider array of global geo-political, economic and cultural issue participants. For PetitionThem the partnership provides immediate access to the U.S. market bringing its leading petition services to local activists.

"Plus Three has helped clients break boundaries and use the Internet and related technologies to more effectively communicate with their constituencies," said Juan Proaño, Plus Three's president. "However, we know that for Plus Three and our customers to continue to be successful, we must continue to add services and solutions that enable organizations to communicate directly with their constituent base using a variety of methods to guarantee participation. Online petitions used to primarily focus on issues relating to the environment, but recently those issues have taken a backseat to political battles reflecting the polarized state of our nation. We are excited to announce this partnership with PetitionThem as it adds a service to our offerings that immediately benefits our customers."

Plus Three benefits with instant credibility and recognition gained from associating with one of the top petitioning sites in the world. Through PetitionThem, more than one million people have accessed the service to sign petitions and participate in local and national issues. This database helps Plus Three customers promote social change and effective policy change by leveraging the enthusiasm and voice of these activists. In addition, Plus Three gains access to an additional donor base for their clients that has indicated a willingness to participate in the political process and give money to causes. Following PetitionThem's practice of diligently protecting its members' information, Plus Three will only use that information when it has received expressed permission from a PetitionThem member.

"In the United Kingdom, PetitionThem has been tremendously successful at engaging and supporting people who are interested in social issues," said Roger Rowett, co-founder of "For our members to participate in the increasingly global community it is important for us to have access to issues and organizations in the United States. We will continue to seek partners like Plus Three that open new markets to us and increase the effectiveness of our site."

About PetitionThem has been designed to take advantage of the potential world wide audience of the Internet. Usually, people who wanted to ask others to 'sign up' to a cause or campaign had to stand on street corners, or in shopping precincts. If the group had plenty of resources they could use traditional forms of media advertising such as newspapers, TV, or billboards. The limitations of standing on a street corner are obvious. One of the limitations of using other forms of media, apart from the cost, is that you can only promote your cause, you cannot actually get people to sign your petition. offers all the advantages, with none of the drawbacks. It enables any person or group to advertise their cause in a responsible way, and allows people to sign the petition on line. The people who created simply wish to offer this service in order that individuals can have a real voice. They are excited by the potential has, and believe that the site can become a real vehicle for public advocacy.