2011 Plus Three Nonprofit Technology Contest Deadline Extended to March 15

The 2011 Plus Three Nonprofit Technology Contest

Free Website Design and 1 Year of Hosting on the Industry's Best Marketing Platform

By now, many of you have heard about our 2011 Nonprofit Technology Contest. For those of you that haven't, it's simple. Because of our long-standing involvement in the nonprofit web-services sector, we are well aware of the deep divide between the incredible work many nonprofits do and how they present themselves online. For that reason, we decided to offer this incredible opportunity to provide one nonprofit with the resources and online infrastructure it needs to put its best foot forward and achieve its goals online.

If your organization's website needs an overhaul, if you are interested in expanding your nonprofit organization's online capabilities to include state-of-the-art fundraising and advocacy tools, or if you you have a special project that needs an online presence, we encourage you to apply.

The winning nonprofit organization will receive a full website redesign and 1 year of hosting services and online marketing technology. It's our way of saying "Thanks!" We are proud to have worked with some of the most distinguished and widely respected nonprofit, membership, political, and advocacy organizations. Now, we want to give back to the vibrant nonprofit community that nurtures us all, and help an outstanding organization expand its great work to even more people.

We have extended the application deadline to March 15, 2011, so be sure to submit your organization’s application today!

Click here to learn more about the 2011 Plus Three Nonprofit Technology Contest.

Even if you are not going to apply for your organization, please spread the word to those you know in the nonprofit sector by forwarding this email or posting a message on Facebook or Twitter. We welcome the opportunity to work with the full spectrum of organizations serving communities in need across the nation.

Thank you!