Plus Three builds feature-rich online fundraising system for “DASH FOR DAD” endurance team races

Cutting-edge tools boost fundraising for ZERO, The Project to End Prostate Cancer

WASHINGTON, DC – Plus Three, a leader in social media and technology for nonprofit and political organizations, built an extensive new online fundraising system for ZERO—The Project to End Prostate Cancer and its DASH FOR DAD and Great Prostate Cancer Challenge race series. The system allows race participants to raise money using customized individual and team online fundraising tools.

“DASH FOR DAD is a fantastic program that promotes men’s health while raising money for a vital cause,” said Juan Proano, president and founder of Plus Three. “We are proud to partner with ZERO in their work to end prostate cancer, and we are excited that the system we built has already expanded ZERO’s fundraising. This ambitious project is built on new components of our ARCOS technology that allows DASH FOR DAD racers to more easily their fundraising goals.”

This year, ZERO’s Great Prostate Cancer Challenge strives to raise $1 million dollars through 27 running and walking events across the country. Using the new and, the community of participants—including athletes, cancer survivors, physicians, caretakers, family members and friends—can use personalized individual and team pages to raise money and track their progress toward their fundraising goals. The ARCOS system lets fundraisers easily engage with friends and family through online social networks, accepts online and offline contributions, sends email alerts to fundraisers, and allows users to search for teams and racers. The sites will also honor top fundraisers.

“Plus Three’s fundraising software is an excellent and important resource for our organization and the race participants,” says Skip Lockwood, CEO of ZERO. “The work of Plus Three helps us to boost our fundraising efforts for our DASH FOR DAD and Great Prostate Cancer Challenge events, and ultimately helps us reach our goal of ending prostate cancer.”

Plus Three’s work for ZERO is just one among a host of examples of their capabilities. To learn more, visit Plus Three’s website at, or contact Alice Lincoln at (866) 945-4889 ext. 707.