Non-Profit Tech Blog Interviews Juan Proaño

Non-Profit Tech Blog's Allan Benamer sat down last week for an interview with Plus Three's President, Juan Proano.

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Allan says, "check out the fee structure for Plus Three. It's not revolutionary but more indicative of the way donations processing fees and per-user licenses are going the way of the dodo — that is, extinct. Plus Three doesn't charge for e-mail delivery or commission fees. One of the things that always drove me crazy in working out costs associated with operating a CRM was the way fee structures always militated against usage. That is, the more work you did with a CRM, like e-mailing or getting donations, the more you had to pay. Plus Three has a very flat fee structure in that regard. Listen to the podcast for more details regarding the pricing as well.

"I think Plus Three has got the right target segment in mind when it comes to their pricing and their software's capabilities. Databases for a nonprofit's Web site and for the merge fields needed for e-mail fundraising are finally shared so there isn't some sort of awkward integration involving .csv files if you find yourself moving your workflow and data back and forth between your Web site and CMS. If you're looking for an integrated solution that's pretty easy to alter and don't have any internal developers to roll your own solution and you've got some pretty serious e-mailing initiatives go ahead, I suggest you might want to take a deeper look at Plus Three."

The podcast and full text of the post are available on Non-Profit Tech Blog.