Artificial Intelligence, Communities of Color, and You

Posted on 12/22/2020 @ 09:24 AM

Plus Three recently began a partnership with a dear friend of ours to help build an organization whose aim is to foster a more inclusive and empathetic artificial intelligence ecosystem. Susan Gonzales is a former Facebook executive who serves as a leader in AI and LatinX spheres. She is the Founder and CEO of AIandYou, and we are thrilled to be working with her on this worthy endeavor.

AIandYou seeks to create a global dialogue between AI leaders and diverse communities in order to prepare for AI’s impact at the local level, strengthen our local communities through the use of AI, and identify solutions that minimize bias. As a technology company, Plus Three isn’t that far removed from advances in artificial intelligence; we were attracted by the idea of working in this world and excited to join Susan’s team in a jack-of-all-trades capacity.

For AIandYou, Plus Three handles design, content, video, and marketing, and we keep track of content and members with our own proprietary management systems. For branding, we work with our friend Sergio Alcocer at Rest of the World.

At its heart, AIandYou serves as a compendium for artificial intelligence news and information. One of our primary contributions comes in the form of content, in which we comb the web for pertinent news about AI and translate it into digestible, comprehensible synopses. We also produce a series of videos called Community Conversations, which feature recorded conversations between leaders in the AI community.

Engagement with AI and AI-related issues is largely absent in the communities where it’s needed most: places where automation and other AI-related tools are laying waste to employment opportunities and local economies. Part of what we AIandYou does is partner with leaders in the AI community to help mitigate the fear that communities. It also solicits advice from its team of advisors, as well as its impressive board of directors which is comprised of the attorney Nicole DeLeon, City Councilwoman Alicia C. Aguirre, and actress and philanthropist Eva Longoria.

And while AI is big issue with big ramifications, it’s not all bad. AIandYou also spends time illustrating the ways in which AI can be used for good: using algorithms to make combating climate change easier or improving the accuracy of diagnoses in medical settings.

We are proud to be along for the ride with Susan and the rest of the team at AIandYou — and we can’t wait to see what’s next.