Plus Three Rings in the Holidays with Jewish Miami

Posted on 08/24/2020 @ 05:49 AM

Jewish Miami High Holidays

With the Jewish High Holy Days quickly approaching, one of clients — Jewish Miami — asked us to create a microsite to feature their holiday programming. Entitled “40 Days & 40 Nights,” Jewish Miami’s five-and-a-half-week program features classes and workshops sponsored and presented by over a dozen different community partners. The High Holy Days are a time of both deep introspection and powerful community gatherings—with or without a global pandemic.

But in order to design the perfect site, we needed to understand their needs. After meeting with Bonnie Reiter-Lehrer, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, and Liat Stilman, Digital Solutions Manager, we put together a composite image of the potential site. After a few back-and-forths of feedback, we got to work.

Since “40 Days” would incorporate the virtual programming of so many different organizations in the Greater Miami area, Jewish Miami needed a microsite that could cleanly and logically organize the numerous offerings, serving as a kind of travel hub connecting the user to their destination.

With that in mind, it made the most sense to feature the community calendar prominently on the “40 Days” microsite. After a stunning hero image featuring gorgeous thematic iconography, and a modest section of descriptive copy — written text — we placed the calendar front and center. The events are the main event, so to speak.

Our hope with the “40 Days” microsite was that it would function not only as a community resource where a user could find pertinent information quickly, but also as an inspirational destination in itself; as you scroll through the page, the colors, images, texts, and icons should come together to create a unified aesthetic—resonant, comfortable, and unique.