Happy Holidays from Plus Three

Posted on 12/23/2020 @ 05:48 AM

Happy Holidays!

Plus Three would like to extend our best wishes for a happy holiday season to our clients, supporters, and families.

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a challenging year. In the technology sector especially, where we make our home, this has been a year of unprecedented upheaval. Organizations uncomfortable in digital realms have had to adjust rapidly. Questions about how to reach constituents in a fully digital landscape have become de rigueur. If you can’t host in-person events, can’t meet your constituents face to face, then how to get them to join your cause?

Not long after the pandemic began, Plus Three started began working with nonprofit organizations to shift their events online, to adapt to life in the age of Covid-19. We greatly expanded our online event production skillset, hired a Chief Storyteller and a Creative Director, and evolved, too. Additionally, we added a great deal more functionality to ARCOS, our proprietary content and member management system, including SMS messaging, personalized pledge cards, a new commenting system, and more. We also underwent the gargantuan task of moving our clients to AWS to ensure more reliability, security, and speed.

We are proud of the work we’ve done over the last two quarters. In addition to our work with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, AIandYou, It’s Time For 46, and the YWCA USA, here are a few other projects we want to highlight:

One Million Latinas Strong

One Million Latinas website

Plus Three worked with the League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC), longtime partners and friends of ours, on One Million Latinas Strong, a project focused on increasing voter turnout in the Latina American community. We built a website that centered around the concept of “Latina Power” — a Latina empowerment campaign to register Latinas, facilitate voting logistics, and spread awareness of the growing economic force of Latinas. The call-to-action for the website was to make a pledge to vote.

Prayer Wall for Vanessa Guillen and Day of the Dead

Vanessa Guillen prayer wall website

We worked again with LULAC to build a digital “prayer wall” for Spc. Vanessa Guillen’s family, her friends, and her fellow soldiers. In the wake of the unspeakable tragedy of Spc. Guillen’s death, LULAC wanted a digital destination where people could come together to leave a message in recognition and remembrance of Spc. Guillen. Plus Three built a commenting system capable of storing hundreds of posts. We used the same feature for LULAC’s Day of the Dead for those lost to Covid-19.

GiveGreen and YWCA Video Creation

2020 saw Plus Three enter the world of video creation. Working with the League of Conservation Voters and collaborating with our friends at Rest of the World, we made a commercial for GiveGreen, a donation platform that helps elect candidates who will act on climate change.

For the YWCA USA, recorded and edited “A Conversation with Georgia’s Women” video illustrating the impact of the right to vote on the individual agencies of historically marginalized people.

See you in 2021!